Image of Chamonix in Summer

Are you tired of the same old summer holidays by the beach? Sure, a package family holiday is an opportunity to relax and is good value for money, but are you really seeing the wonders of the world? Sometimes you need to think about your bucket list and wonder if your next holiday destination will help you tick one off. Furthermore, are you giving your children a range of enriching experiences and educating them about world history different cultures?

If you want your next holiday to be a little more unpredictable, then it’s time to search for interesting destinations and alternative holiday ideas. There are many places you can visit during the summer and not have to worry about overcrowded beaches and avoiding sunburn. Fancy a change of scenery? Here’s some inspiration for alternative family holidays.

Koster Islands, Sweden

Two hours north of Gothenburg lies a picturesque archipelago, with a stunning natural landscape to explore. The best thing about the Koster Islands is that they are completely car-free! It’s like taking a remote holiday from the everyday life. There are loads of activities here for the whole family to get involved in, from kayaking to cycling and discovering the charming fishing villages.

Chamonix, France

Most people in summer visit the south of France to lap up the rays in Cannes or St Tropez – but some of its most loved scenery is actually up north in the Alps. The mountainous region of the Chamonix valley has just as much to offer in the summer as it does in the winter as a famous ski resort. Take part in water activities in the flowing rivers such as white water rafting, or simply do some sightseeing in the charming traditional Savoyard villages. View some of the region’s summer activities here.

South Africa, Africa

It’s not summer in South Africa but it’s the best time of year to spot the wildlife around the watering holes. Taking the family on safari is an amazing adventure, and it’s seriously more exciting than taking them to the local zoo. Lap up the luxury at a game lodge before visiting Cape Town or Johannesburg for some sightseeing and history lessons.

Island Hopping, Thailand

OK so this destination does have its fair share of world class beaches – but it’s such a different holiday experience than anywhere in Europe. South East Asia has been growing in popularity, and if you do it the authentic way (not staying in a five star complex for two weeks) then it’s an incredible adventure the entire family will remember forever. Visit local tribes, bathe elephants, take part in jungle treks and sample the local cuisine. Make sure you take the traditional tail boats to hop from island to island, and it’s also a favourite scuba diving destination.

Make this summer one to remember!